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My name is Lesya.

I was born and raised in Ukraine. I’m an accredited life coach. My passion lies in holistic self-care through Eastern practices and Western sciences.

I’ve been involved in the world of neuroscience for 4 years now. Starting with ways to overcome anxiety, I’ve explored many health and wellness techniques that are rooted in the mind-body connection.

Since the last few years of my life revolved heavily around the topics of neuroscience, mental health, and self-care, I wanted to share fascinating findings as far and wide as possible.

As I meet and talk with different people, one thing becomes more and more clear to me: we are all overwhelmed (even if a little) and no one (I repeat: no one) does enough self-care.

We have to talk about modern pace.


We are busier and more connected than ever.

Yet, a lot of us struggle to have a harmonious relationship with technology.


Plus, we seem to forget that no matter how advanced our society becomes, we are still part of the natural world

We are one with nature and that the relationship with nature dictates a lot of our overall well-being.


For decades, physical health and mental health were treated like two separate entities.

With new scientific discoveries, we get to understand the physical causes for mental health decline.

Find fascinating ways to get rid of overwhelm, improve your overall health, find your passion, and live a fulfilled life.

On this podcast, I bring together some of the tips, tools, and conversations with coaches, therapists, and experts in self-care, mental health, and happiness. 

You are on this site for a reason.

Something inside of you nudged you to click on a podcast episode or check out the website. You want to have more grace in life.

You cannot serve anyone if you can’t serve yourself. You can’t reach your goals if you’re tired, overwhelmed, judgemental, angry, and feel sorry for yourself.

I believe that each individual has a unique gift, skill or talent, which if used correctly, can benefit not only the individual but a whole society.

The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.

– Charlie Munger

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